15-18 April 2010, Izmir - Turkey

Hipertansiyon Güncel Tanı VeTedavi Kursu-I Hi Interdisciplinary Cardiovascular Symposium III-F
Hipertansiyon Güncel Tanı Ve Tedavi Kursu-II H Interdisciplinary Cardiovascular Symposium IV-Fr
Hipertansiyon Güncel Tanı Ve Tedavi Kursu - III Joint Session of 6th UCCA and 59th ESCVS Update in
How to Improve Research Publication and Quality in Joint Symposium of Azerbaijan Association of Cardi
IAIC Session-Challenges in Interventional Cardio Joint_Syposium_Saudi_Heart_Association_and_Heart_H
IAIC Session-Thrombus Management in STEMI Leriche Lecture-Cardiovascular Surgery Today and
IAIC Session Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Marko Turina Session-New Challenges in Aortic Su
IAIC Session Dialogues in Interventional Cardiolog Opening Ceremony-59th ESCVS International Congre
IFA Session-Advanced ECG Course Perfusion Course-Anticoagulation
IFA Session - Any News from the Inherited Arrhythm Perfusion Course-Difficult Situations in Perfusi
IFA Session-Atrial Fibrillation 2010 Contempora Perfusion Course-Where are we in ECMO and ECLS i
IFA Session-Challenges and New Directions in Arr PRE CONGRESS VASCULAR SYMPOSIUM
IFA Session-How to Ablate Supraventricular Tachy UCCVS-Atherosclerosis Society Joint Session-Ca
IFA_Session_-_How_to_Ablate_Ventricular_Arrhythmia UCCVS Session What is New in Clinical Cardiology
IFA_Session_III_-_Current_use_of_antiarrhythmic_dr Vascular Invited Lecture-Introduction by Marian
IFA Session IV-Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Vascular Symposium-Rare Vascular Diseases
Interdisciplinary Cardiovascular Symposium I-Fro Wetlab Hands on Course-Coronary Bypass Suturing
Interdisciplinary Cardiovascular Symposium II-Fr